Free At Last !

August 6, 2015

TODAY IS THE DAY I AM FINALLY SET FREE! Many of you may have seen my dad’s preemptive “proud papa post” on Facebook announcing that yesterday (Wednesday) was my scheduled liberation day. But unfortunately, as my family and I have learned these past few years, there are plenty of unexpected surprises when dealing with how the hospital works (often times slow as molasses) and how the body never seems to keep to a set schedule and cooperate when I want it to. (I woke up with horrific back pain as a lovely side effect from a new injection medication they wanted to send me home on.) At least today things are running somewhat on track. I like to consider myself the happy inmate finally on parole or the fragile, rehabilitated animal that is released from its cage, back into its natural habitat. But I’m also experiencing the downside of that, anxiety wise. Just all the regular, unremarkable stimuli most of us deal with on a daily basis like loud street noise or a full room of people talking will probably take some getting used to. But until then, I will rock my giant Tori Burch sunglasses and put some headphones on to tune out for awhile. Must not to forget to breathe! My mom, bless her heart, has been running around since yesterday afternoon packing up the five months of my life that has accumulated this room. It was total déjà vu from when we had to do the same thing at school when I was first diagnosed with sarcoma and then the a year later when I was diagnosed with the treatment related pre-leukemia. I had and still do have all these mixed feelings about coming and packing up and going. But in a positive way, it’s like I’m still moving forward. On to newer and better things, I hope! I make a promise to you readers and to my own self that I will become more regular with my posts, so a new one about how I’m coming along at home will definitely be coming soon once I get myself settled and back to a more “normal” routine in my own environment (AT LAST!) Thank you all for taking this journey with me and for all your kindness, support, and uplifting prayers — not only over these past five months of terribly choppy waters, but over the course of almost three years along my battle. I wouldn’t feel as strong or empowered without all of you!

1 Comments on “Free At Last !”

  1. Ali: You have inspired so many. The void you have left is a bottomless pit, but I will climb it to the top in your honor and in your name and to preserve the love that is everlasting. Daddy


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